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The 5 House Upgrades Today’s Young Buyers Don’t Want

Thursday, October 10, 2019   /   by Loren Foxx

The 5 House Upgrades Today’s Young Buyers Don’t Want

Many millennials have reached the stage of their lives that they are settling down and nesting with their family in their own home. And as you can expect, current trends in desirable home features have changed a bit from previous generations of homeowners.

So what are millennials looking for in a house? The large majority of millennials seek out properties that are move-in ready for practicality today, yet still leaving opportunity for their own customization down the road. 

Here are some of the features real estate professionals say are not selling well with today’s young buyers:
1. Dining rooms
With the rise in popularity of larger eat-in kitchens, the role of the formal dining room has diminished in recent years to china storage in giant cabinets and a massive table that gathers dust. As a generation that particularly values the DIY experience, dining is best enjoyed as close to where it was cooked as possible. 
Plain and simple, millennials - who grew up eating in front of the TV or in informal dining arrangements - aren’t looking for a dining room, so it’s not something you need. And while you’re at it, please take that hard-to-move china cabinet and never-used gravy boat with you.

2. Formal living rooms
The convenience of smart TVs and advanced home theater systems provides such a compiling of entertainment options that while many mid-sized or larger homes have both a den and a formal living room, it is rare that the second option sees much traffic outside of parties and occasionally spinning records on the turntable. This is another room that has come to be seen as superfluous and inefficient.

3. Giant, green lawns and wild landscaping
A giant well-manicured lawn was the pride and joy of earlier generations, and that came with a lot of responsibility for mowing and fertilizing their lawns. Today’s busy millennials are much less interested. Cultivating indoor plants is a much more popular relationship with nature for these buyers as it does not require as large a time commitment.

Vegetable gardens remain popular for their practicality (and providing vegetables for pickling!) but maintaining purely aesthetic features such as extra-large flower beds are decreasingly popular.

4. Brand-new carpeting
What was once considered the height of soft luxury - thick wall-to-wall carpeting in as many rooms as possible - has fallen in popularity to bare wood floors, often accented with colorful rugs.

Rugs allow buyers to use their imagination, because they’re not permanent. Carpets, on the other hand… those are far more complex to remove and dispose of, particularly if you don’t like them. 

5. Memorabilia, game rooms, and the home bar
Millennials are a lot less likely to be collectors, and they don’t relate to rooms dedicated to showing off cherished possessions, bric-a-brac, and shrines to consumerism. The classic basement sports bar with Patriots and Red Sox memorabilia stuffed into every corner has lost popularity to entertaining in brighter and airier locations such as the backyard patio.

Think about the last time the crew all got together. A basement pool table is far less of an attraction than a gathering place where, as strange as it may seem, everyone is together on their phones or enjoying a cocktail. More flexible gathering places allow for changes on the fly, so as the weather changes, so can your venue. 

Home design trends have always come and gone like any fashion, so it’s no surprise that today’s millennial buyers are looking for different features in a home than a previous generation.

Learning what today’s buyers are looking for can help save you from investing in unwise remodeling! Of course, we can also help you find a new home if a remodel is too much for you to stomach. Just call Corina at 603-273-6160 for more info.